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Your advertising on my site

jeudi 22 novembre 2007, par Marie-Claude

Make your activity known on my site :
120 visits per day on average

My site has existed for 7 years : that is why it is so widely visited : It is referenced in the first pages of the GOOGLE search engine. Around 60% of my clients have heard of me thanks to my site, then the grapevine takes over.

On this site people often ask me for the addresses of therapists, about products, holiday sites… and I can not give the answers because I do not know the people. So I propose to meet you and then to publish a page about your operations in the form of a photo and an interview…

This proposal is addressed to therapists and practitioners of alternative medicine, centres for cures and sports, tables d’hôte, lodgings, holiday resorts, restaurants, bio products, craftsmen, artists in all media… yoga music and other service providers in daily life : all those who need to become better known, in France and abroad.

Quality and dependability are demanded !