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An effective cure

vendredi 11 juillet 2008, par Marie-Claude

To completely clean the colon, at least three one-hour sessions are necessary. Some highly encrusted columns will require more.

The period of time between sessions is variable : everything depends on the age of the person and thus of his matters. It is possible to have one session a week for three weeks or three sessions in one week or even three hydrotherapies in three days, if you listen closely to my advice and if I think this is possible. This can be done on the weekend (I sometimes work on Sunday) for those who are in a hurry or passing through the region or if one comes expressly to Nice from afar for a hydrotherapy of the colon or during fasting.

The most important thing is to follow my advice closely

Of course, the current price for a session is 100 €, hence 300 € for three sessions. For clever ones who ask whether it’s less expensive for three sessions, I point out to them that they don’t tell their boss to pay them less if they work three hours instead of one ! But in general, the people who ask for lower prices are those who live off their private income and don’t know much about working to earn a living !