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hydrotherapy of the colon according to Saint James

« I tell you that in truth interior impurity is even greater than external impurity. Now, anyone who purifies himself externally while remaining impure inside resembles a sepulchre which, on the outside, is covered with dazzling paintings but which, inside, is filled with all sorts of impurities and abominations. So I am telling you in truth, allow the angel of water to baptise you also on the inside so that you might be freed of all your past sins; you will thus become as pure internally as the foam of the river that plays in the rays of the sun.

« To do so, procure a large calabash with a stem the length of a man; empty the calabash of its content and fill it with water from the river heated by the sun. Hang the calabash from the branch of a tree, kneel down on the ground before the angel of water and allow the end of the stem of the calabash to penetrate your posterior so that water can flow through all your entrails. Then, remaining on your knees on the ground, before the angel of water, pray to the God of life to forgive you for all your past sins, and ask the angel of water to free your body of all its stains and all its diseases. Then, let the water flow from your body so that with it will be eliminated from inside you all that comes from Satan, all that is impure and malodorous.

« And you will see with your eyes and smell with your nose all the abominations and impurities that satisfied the temple of your body, and at the same time you will take stock of all the sins that inhabited you and tormented you with all sorts of evils. I tell you in truth, baptism by water will free you of all these evils.

The Gospel of the Peace of Jesus Christ by the disciple James

Work found in the Vatican Library by Edmond Bordeaux-Szekely.