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have you got a clogged up colon ?

Apart from some people who know how to recognise the sensations of their body, most people are unaware of the clogging of their colon.

Subsequently, here is a simple yes or no questionnaire to help you recognise the signs of a chronic clogging of your colon (or large intestine).

If you have said «yes» more than 10 times, your colon is blocked up with old faecial matter (food waste) that could be poisoning your system. You urgently need to flush out this waste with a session of colonic irrigation.

More over, you need to repeat this process frequently (5 times a year), in order to avoid the accumulation of food and chemical toxins that are the cause of serious illnesses such as cancer, dementia and a wide range of bodily infections.

Colonic irrigation has been practiced for over 40 years in many countries: USA, Britain, Canada, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, Australia, Russia, Brazil. It is practised by numerous models, actors, sports stars, singers, politicians... Diana had colonic irrigation every 2 months !


  1. Did you have constipated parents, or parents who have intestinal blockages or cancer of the colon ?
  2. When you were young, were you ever constipated yourself ?
  3. Have you ever had a poorly stomach on numerous occasions ?
  4. as an adult

  5. Do you ever have bad stomach pains ?
  6. Do you ever have a heavy feeling in your stomach ?
  7. Do you have a large stomach despite an otherwise slim physique ?
  8. Do you not go to the toilet every day ?
  9. Do you have hard stools that are difficult to get out ?
  10. Do you go for a few days without going to the toilet, or alternate between having diarrohea and being constipated ?
  11. Are you constipated when you travel ?
  12. Do you have a stomach that feels hard or tight ?
  13. When you are lying on your back, is it impossible to easily press your finger at least 5cm into your stomach ?
  14. Do you have pain in the right hand side of your stomach when you are examining yourself ?
  15. Does your stomach balloon even if you've only had a light meal, in the evening, or does it ever look like you are eight months pregnant ?
  16. Does your body emit unpleasant odors ?
  17. Do you have colitis or muscle spasms ?
  18. for women

  19. Were you constipated whilst you were pregnant ?
  20. Do you have painful periods ?
  21. Do you have/Have you had a cyst on the ovaries ?
  22. Infections on the fallopians tubes ?
  23. Sterility because of a chronic infection ?
  24. for men

  25. Have you ever had an inflammation of the prostate gland ?
  26. for men and women

  27. Do you have/have you had urinary infections ?
  28. Have you had your appendix removed ?
  29. Do you have/have you had peritonitis ?
  30. Have you had an operation on the abdomen/do you have adhesions ?
  31. Despite having a normal appetite, are you soon full up ?
  32. Do you feel poorly when you miss a meal ?
  33. Are you often nauseous ?
  34. Do you have a slow digestive system ?
  35. Are there certain foods that you can't eat because they make you ill ?
  36. Do you have a white tongue, a dry mouth, or bad breath ?
  37. Do you have pains at the base of your back ?
  38. Do you have weight problems, can you not lose weight despite strict dieting ?
  39. Do you have cellulite ?
  40. Do you have edemas or bad circulation in the lower limbs ?
  41. Are you tired from the moment you wake up to the moment you go to bed ?
  42. Do you have nightmares ?
  43. Do you have chronic repetitive insomnia, or other sleeping problems ?
  44. Are you anxious, nervous, depressed or morbid without genuine reason ?
  45. Do you feel heavy and lifeless ?
  46. Do you have rhumatism ?
  47. Do you have pains at the base of your back, without being able to solve them by traditional methods ?
  48. Do you have severe skin infections ?
  49. Have you had candida or skin candida ?
  50. Do you have food allergies ?
  51. Do you eat a lot of pasta, bread, meat, cheese, chocolate, pastry or processed food ?