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Colon hydrothery training sessions

jeudi 9 juillet 2009, par Marie-Claude

Everything you need to know about how to
carry out colon hydrotherapy very well

I am a doctor with 25 years’ experience in general and emergency medicine.

I have been carrying out colon hydrotherapy since 1990 and have set up 9 colon hydrotherapy practices.

I organize two-day training sessions, one weekend a month, in Nice.

These sessions have a maximum of four people so that each person can be trained extremely well and to allow me to answer every question.

Saturday is dedicated to theoretical and medical aspects and also covers setting up a practice. This lasts 8 hours (from 9h to 18h with a break from 12h to 13h).

Sunday is dedicated to practise : each person carries out treatment on another person and in turn receives treatment from someone else… everyone should have colon hydrotherapy.

The course costs 1000 euro.

I can provide you with information about accommodation near my clinic (Hotel Premiere Classe : 55 euro a night).

Please send an email to pre-register, telling me about your current profession and your intended project.

Languages spoken : French and English.