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Enemas administered at home

dimanche 19 août 2007, par Marie-Claude

Ideally, one should administer an enema once a month !

An enema allows the expulsion of easily-dissolved matter held in the left colon, except for hard, older plugs which cannot be removed using this method. But it’s better than doing nothing ! An enema is highly advisable in the event of a fever : grandmothers used to dispense them to their grandchildren when they were ill…


Apparently enemas are more fastidious and less effective than colonic irrigation, but they are highly advisable for older people who have many diverticula (in the left colon) and for whom colonic irrigation is unadvisable !

Enemas should be administered to children, to whom one must not administer colonic irrigation.

How to administer an enema ?

Place 2 litres of tepid mineral water (1 litre for children) or boiled tapwater in an enema pouch (purchased from the chemist) and thoroughly dissolve either :

- 2 heaped tablespoons of sea salt
- or 1 tablespoon of sea salt + 1 tablespoon of magnesium chloride (from the chemist) or Nigari salt (from a dietician)
- or 2 cups of organic coffee
- or 2 litres of camomile infusion (toss in a handful of leaves, leave to infuse for 10 minutes, cool until tepid, filter before placing the 2 litres of infusion in the enema pouch).

To administer the enema

Make sure you will not be disturbed, place the pouch 1 metre above you and attach safely. Lie on your right side or kneel with your buttocks in the air.

Remove any air from the pipe and let the water flow down to the tap. Introduce the nozzle into the anus after lubricating with Vaseline, then half open the tap so that the water flows in slowly ; rub your stomach, hold the enema in and expel when the urge is felt.