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Prevention of cancer of the colon and other cancers :

samedi 11 septembre 2010, par Marie-Claude

Colon cancer is a digestive tract cancer, which has a direct relation with food quality and the accumulation of waste in your large intestine : your COLON.

Colon cancer (as well as other cancers) has been constantly increasing over the last 40 years : more than 150% growth compared with the colon cancers noted in 1980 when I wrote my thesis on colon cancer. It is a very nasty cancer, because it metastasises very quickly : the allopathic treatments are very hard to bear, and in the end, the cancer unfortunately puts up a fight.

It is therefore essential that from today you manage your own prevention strategy :

*Eating only organic food is not always easy for everyone, so much so that pessimists will say that ’organic food doesn’t exist’ .. there is truth in this given the environmental pollution.

*Removing the digestive waste of these polluted foodstuffs which have stagnated in your colon over the years, encouraging the dispersion of all the chemicals in these modern foodstuffs.


Indeed, the food is polluted by all the chemicals (more than 3000 used in industry (food and others) : it is these chemicals and an unbalanced diet which cause all modern cancers, Don’t be under any illusion, even if tobacco causes a large number of cancers (mouth, oesophagus, lung, kidney, bladder and cerebral metastases etc.) many of these additives are known to be carcinogenic : they are nevertheless used to provide a higher yield.

Their harmful secondary effects on the organism are unfortunately not limited to cancers : skin disorders, allergies, hormonal problems, infertility, malformations, infections, liver problems, diabetes, brain and nervous disorders (among others) are also illnesses permanently on the increase over the last few years, for which the treatment using allopathic medicine is often more than not toxic for the body (for example : psoriasis, eczema, acne)

So eat better, less, but balanced, and clean your colon at least two or three times a year to remove its old toxic waste, It’s a minimum requirement is you want to enjoy your retirement for which have been saving over the last 45 years ! For smokers, it is urgent to stop smoking... which is not totally impossible ! Don’t wait to be forced by illness.

If you have a healthy body, it will resist stress and will not develop cancer. Those people who are poisoning themselves with bad food, with the kilos of old faecal matter which have been stagnating in their colon since their childhood, and with drugs like tobacco and alcohol, will have many more cancers especially if they are also stressed in their professional or family life.

Health has a price : the price of sacrifice for a better life. It is stupid to be afraid of this (an excellent treatment, without danger, as opposed to certain examinations) and to prefer to waste ones money on food and useless objects.

Dr. MC Carpentier